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Digitise your facility with the hybrid business platform

myFitApp is an open, flexible, hybrid business platform gyms, leisure centres and health clubs use to strengthen their brand, retain members, acquire new ones and deliver digital fitness using the unique power of mobile. With over 2,500 sites and over 15 million App downloads worldwide, myFitApp is the leader in providing marketing-focused branded apps for gyms and leisure centres. Our powerful solutions include Content Marketing, Marketing Automation messaging, @home video platform, Event Schedule & Bookings, Monetisation & Paywall, Lead Generation & Access Control.

What makes us special

  • Focused - Providing leisure operators with the best mobile marketing solution for them and their customers.
  • Simple - In a world full of software that overcomplicates things, we stand out by keeping things simple. 
  • Open - We want to integrate with others who are best in their field. Everybody wins, particularly our customers and their users. 
  • Innovative - We constantly generate marketing ideas and match them with the latest technology to provide fantastic functionality and exceptional value to our customers.

More about us

  • Hear from our customers how we've transformed their gyms, leisure centres and health centres here.
  • Find out more on our website
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