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Myzone is a plug and play system that allows you to better understand and engage with each of your members. Every member with a Myzone heart rate monitor is linked to screens on your club floor, in your group fitness spaces or on their personal Myzone app. They can view their heart rate, effort zone and calories on their chosen screen in real time.

Benefits your staff

  • Create a fair playing field for all in the gym
  • Easily programme group fitness and client sessions via effort zones
  • Gamify your sessions
Facilitate your club marketing, programming and overall strategy using the software data collected
Engage with members outside of your club

Benefits to your member

  • Effort is awarded over ability
  • Myzone app allows remote access to classes
  • Increased comfort, motivation and performance in workouts
  • Engage with your trainer and club when outside the gym
  • Greater feeling of community

What makes us special

  • Real-time heart rate, effort zone and calories mean better feedback for each member
  • Creates and supports your club community
  • Member data analysis – understand member trends
  • Integration with current suppliers e.g. LifeFitness, Matrix

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