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Our teams of data scientists, statisticians and Geo Info Systems specialists use various modelling techniques, processes, and algorithms to provide actionable insights. As a client, you would enter into a license agreement that gives you access to a platform that allows you to interrogate your data using market-leading tools and dashboards. Our proprietary technology cleanses the data in real-time, ensuring it is always current and accurate. In our quest to help our clients get people active, we developed 4Global DataHub, with over 1 billion visits, 5,500 active users and 2,500+ sites sharing data. Be part of the solution with 4Global.

What makes us special

  • Award winning and market leading data analytics tools to support your strategic decision making.
  • Integrations to 0ver 40 data capture solutions allowing you to combine your best of bread solutions in one place.
  • Collaborative approach to turning data into actionable insights with key partners such as Sheffield Hallam University and Experian.
    • Align your leisure management system data to sector standards.
    • Track the performance of your organization against sector benchmarks and measure the impact of targeted interventions and return on investment.

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  • Whether you are an operator, city, government, sports federation or activity provider you can be part of the journey to a healthier future.
  • See how operators have used our 4Global DataHub platform to drive investment and increase engagement at our resources page.



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